Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Joy of ...

Ah yes, the joys of bearing human life within. Finally I can talk about them.

Like the joy of nausea. Waking up every morning to that welcoming feeling that says "Rise and shine! It's time to get out of bed!" Not even a cup of tea can get me out of bed faster. And closely linked is the joy of "being sick". "Being sick" is the polite British way of saying "upchucking" or "vomitting". I've "been sick" a lovely number of times, so many that I now know the exact difference between feeling like I'm going to be sick and knowing it's time to find a proper recepticle NOW. For instance, right now I feel like I'm going to be sick, but I know that I'm not actually going to be sick in the next few minutes.

There's also the joy of exaggerated sense of smell. I can smell anything a mile away. I can smell you right now (and I'm not saying anything, but brother needs to take a shower). This incredible new heightened sense, which is superhero-like in its power, has put me on the brink of sending the cats to a new comfy home. I LOVE the wee creatures, but ohmygoodness could they possibly stink ANYMORE? We've got three cans of Dettol Pure Air neutraliser located around the house for spraying before entering a cat-invaded room. Or rather Scott sprays and I hide my face until the neutraliser has done its job. And unfortunately, Dettol doesn't have a full grip on what "pure air" smells like because it leaves a rather sickly "clean" smell in its wake that is almost (almost) as bad as the cats themselves. And don't even get me started on fried food...

Which leads me to the joy of eating. Or rather starving. There's nothing like a combination of the preceding two points topped with a sudden aversion to EVERYTHING to keep a woman away from the kitchen. I pretty much like mashed potatoes. That's about it. (And I've recently discovered tomato soup, which goes really nicely with mashed potatoes.) But packing a lunch of creamy mash to take with me to work is a bit of a hassle so I kinda just eat carrots.

So yeah.

BUT I've nearly forgotten to mention the very BEST joy of pregnancy!

We're getting a baby. A baby of our very own, that we made. I mean, WHAT?! We MADE a baby. A human being is forming in my abdomen, and that's unbelievably crazy and wonderful. Devon's husband made a comment that telling your kids about the stork is probably more believable than telling them that you made them yourself. I'm thinking that myself right now - surely a stork will drop off a bundle later for us because it's too crazy to think that we created life by just doing our thang. This reproduction thing - God's got amazing ideas is all I can say.

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