Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pretty Music

I purchased a CD from Zoë Keating pretty much ages ago, but since it was being sent from the US, it took me until today to finally get it, which is like a month and a half later. It's beautiful. I first encountered Zoë several years ago in Lawrence, KS, when I went to see Belle & Sebastian. She was playing in Rasputina (could I please stop naming new bands that I have to search for links to?) and I LOVED Rasputina after that night. And by LOVED I mean I kinda forgot about them even though I thought they were spectacular. Well, a few months ago when Michaela and I went to see Imogen Heap (gah!), I recognised Zoë immediately as she played the cello as opening act for Imogen. So thus rekindled my flighty love of the cello music, and I finally ordered a CD.

All that to say I like my new CD. It's very pretty and relaxing and methinks the baby will like it too when its ears get big enough to hear outside noises with.

And speaking of The Schmooks, we met with our potential midwife Allison Ewing last night - and without disclosing too much because what if she totally googles me? - we thought she was absolutely lovely as... something quite lovely, like pie, or birds. Or if I were Amanda (what's with me and the frickin' links?), marshmallows. But I have a similar appointment with the NHS midwives tomorrow, and Scott and I have agreed to give them a fair chance, because, heck, they're free! Free as coupons! (Or maybe not that free, because coupons are like negative freeness, like you get the coupons free and then you get freeness on top of the free.) But... we'll see. Free is free, but good is not awesome...

And in conclusion, I bought kinda healthy stuff at the supermarket today like soy milk (yum) and extra lite Philadelphia cream cheese (what? It's EXTRA lite), but then I unfortunately eyed (or maybe it was just predestined) a little 'Buy 2 Get 2 Free' sign on the Cheesy Wotsits, so I also picked up four bags of those. Oops. But! They have jokes on the packages! Like this one:
Q. Why didn't the skeleton go to the party?
A. Because he had no body to go with!

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