Monday, July 17, 2006

100 Things I Love About My Husband: 81-90

81. He prays with me at night when he tucks me in.
82. He lets me decorate (and re-decorate) the house any way I like (which means he won't mind the new pink summer duvet on the bed when he gets home this afternoon...)
83. He loves Waffle House. (What? I love that about him.)
84. He wore the new tie I bought him to work today even though I found out at lunch that all his mates teased him about it being too bright. He knew it was too bright, but he wore it anyway to make me happy. (It's a freakin' awesome tie, by the way, how could anyone not like it? I'll post a picture.)
85. He brought me home to a clean house after picking me up at the airport from my holiday.
86. He made himself BBQ chicken and rice when I was gone and was dead proud of himself.
87. He quit his World of Warcraft subscription to spend more time with me. (At least that's what he told me. He told his dad he was just tired of it. Either way, he quit.)
88. He tries really hard to make me happy, and he's doing a great job of it.
89. He works really hard to provide for us.
90. He's the father of our baby.

Schmooker at 10 Weeks in mah belly

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