Thursday, February 16, 2006


Under command of the fairer partner in this marriage, I blog.

I blog about Tuesday night.

Guys, that was Valentine's day. Hope you didn't forget.

Well, I rushed home from work, got changed and rushed out again. We were heading up to Glasgow for the evening, Lori had a surprise for me. She'd been planning this for months/weeks, which suited me, since it relieved any pressure I had to organise a romantic dinner or *shock* cook again.

I was planning to wait until we had actually got to the place before finding out what it was, but the intrigue was too much, so I made Lori tell me on the train. We were going to a Mixology lesson.

The more musically minded of us may have thought I was learning to be a DJ, but nay! We were in training to become the bartenders of the future, courtesy of Bombay Sapphire gin.

It was a perfectly splendid little event, they showed us around their exhibit of out their glasswork, which was all very nice, then took us back and gave us some gin'n'juice.

Then commenced the real fun. After the obligatory sales pitch/history lesson from the chap taking the class, he started to show us how to mix cocktails the gin way. We learned gin martinis, cosmopolitans, Tom Collins' and something called a Sapphire Rose. Lori actually got to make one out in front of everyone, I think she did a cosmopolitan.

Predictably, it had too much gin in it. Not a surprise for me, I can tell you.

At the end, we were given a goodie bag each, so we now have 2 limes, 4 cartons of cranberry juice, 4 cool glasses, some recipe cards/coasters and a list of all the good cocktail bars in Britain.

We might go back, purely to get more of those glasses. They are that cool.

Then we shared a fish supper on the train home, after meeting Pete in the train station. Then back to his for a cup of tea, then I took Lori to bed. The cocktails had taken their toll, after all.

Sorry for the fragmented writing style, I've been up since 6 o'clock, been to uni all day, work all evening and then on to my parents house for an hour or so before getting home. I am rather tired, and I'm up at 6 again tomorrow, working at 7.


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