Monday, February 20, 2006

Fab Hair

Fab Hair
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This is a picture of my fabulous hair (slightly midday droopy). I don’t know what inspired me this morning to attempt a look I’ve never known how to achieve before, but something did, and I feel like I’m finally making use of those expensive layers I had cut into my hair six months ago.

I am posting this picture of my hair only so I can post while at work through Flickr, and because I had no other pictures that were worth posting, I had to take one of something, thus my hair, and in the bathroom so no one would see me being a narcissistic freak in the glass reception area of a very expensive independent high school.

(And yes, that is the same green turtleneck that seems to appear in every picture I post of myself. I love that turtleneck. I wear it at least once a week. I hope I’m not the only one who thinks it looks great on me.)

So, loophole blogging effort complete, let’s talk about my weekend!

In fact, let’s take this baby all the way back to Valentine’s Day and work our way forward, shall we?

As my darling Scott has already told you, we had a fantastic Valentine’s Day. I know a lot of people have serious issues with this holiday, but I stand right next to Kirsten Cohen from The O.C. in saying it is one of my favourite holidays of the year. Ever. And this isn’t because I was one of those hot, perky cheerleader-type girls who always had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day to fill me with many blissful memories for years to come of the days when I was hot, perky and a cheerleader. No. I rarely had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, and I can honestly say that until Scott came along, each one disappointingly did not live up to my expectations of what a romantic Valentine’s Day should be. Still, I loved it.

*Let’s just stop for a moment to give a shout-out to Matt Yeager who one year in high school brought a whole bucketful of roses to school just to hand out to any girl who did not have a rose. It’s men like that who should be made President.*

Anyway, so I love the Valentine’s. And ours was good. I love gin, I love Scott and I love Valentine’s Day, so what could be better? Plus, I love The Lighthouse in all its architectural glory which is where the great event ('Cocktails By Design') is being held. So that was that, two gin and cranberries (with a slice of lime, which is very important), a cosmopolitan, a dry martini twist, a Tom Collins with elderflower and a Sapphire Rose later, and I slept soundly dreaming of all the ten botanicals that make Bombay Sapphire better than your traditional gin (which only uses four botanicals. Pssh.).

Wednesday came and went with no excitement that I can recall.

Thursday – this is something to mention. Since back in, something like September, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the UK release of RENT on the 17th of February. I had my new RENT shirt all clean and ready for the big night – JUST TO FIND OUT THEY’VE POSTPONED THE RELEASE TO APRIL. What a load of turd-rockets.

Friday, we all got off work an hour early, and since we were on the shorter holiday schedule as it was, I left at 3.00. Brilliant. We were all going out that night, though, for the photocopier’s last day, so I rode the train to Greenock, wandered about the shops for an hour and then rode back to Glasgow. I actually enjoyed this, despite all the train. I had half a pizza at an Italian restaurant for dinner and then got to utilise my new cocktail expertise at Frankensteins, a most horrendous booty club that plays Frankenstein on the many TV screens overdubbed with bootylicious R&B pop songs mixed with dancealiscious house beats. Their idea of a cocktail list was two cocktails, neither one anything classy, so I stuck with traditional gin and cranberry for the evening (incensed by their constant forgettage of the lime). It was a good time. Jamie danced. Ooh… I wonder if I can post a picture from my phone…

Saturday was da best. Scott and I journeyed down to Edinburgh for Sarah’s surprise baby shower. It was such a good time. She’s due in two weeks so prayers for her and Jonathan and the littlest Viper Quimby would be a great thing! Aside from getting to snack on fondue, cucumber sandwiches, cookies and brioche, all in the name of baby shower, I got to finally meet the beautiful Michaela who is now back in the 'Burgh. Hurray for internet friends. I like Michaela very much, and I especially like the fact that she spends a significant amount of time in Glasgow, meaning I’ll actually see her more than just once in a blue moon like the other 'Burghers. Anyway, well done to Ashley, Neyir and Judith for a really beautiful baby shower. Now let’s bring on the baby!

Finally, ya’ll. The round-up. Sunday was normal and uneventful, aside from the preteen Bible study I’ve been landed with (which went surprisingly okay – no knives to my throat, and while the kids didn’t answer any of my questions, at least they didn’t act up through the lesson) and our date to see Final Destination 3 which is as perfect(ly ridiculous) as we hoped it would be. Today ought to be fairly normal, aside from the Ladies’ Evening which I got roped into attending and, ahem, singing at and, ahem, reading a poem written by not me at. (Ugh, I just ended a sentence with a preposition! And I’m not going to fix it either.) And Tuesday ought to be normal, and then….


Play by play to be expected. (Not really.) (I hope not.) (But maybe.) (Good chance of it.)

I think I wrote this whole post just to get to Wednesday.

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