Tuesday, February 21, 2006

‘…and I’m cool like that’

Just thought I’d start this day with a revelation.
‘We be to rap what key be to lock…’

It’s a line from Digable Planets’ hit ‘Cool Like That’. I’ve been diggin’ the DPs since I was 15. I’m 23 (and three-quarters) now, so I’ve been diggin’ them for almost nine years. I know the album ‘Refutation of Time and Space’ like the back of my hand. It’s awesome, by the way. If you’re into, say, the likes of Jurassic Five or perhaps just want to chill to some funky, jazzy rap, totally look into them. ‘Blow Out Comb’ is excellent, too, by the by. ANYWAY, not the point. The point is, I’ve heard this line about five million times, and yet I never understood it. ‘We be to rap what key be to lock.’ I’ve tried vainly for years to work out the meaning of this line in my head. You must be thinking, ‘Uh, duh.’ But there is a reason why this line never made sense to me. I got that it was a comparison, I mean, I did do practice SATs in high school, and if this had been written ’we:rap :: key:lock’, as long as it had been written out, I would’ve had no problem. And it’s not even that I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I heard him perfectly. My problem was that I always thought he was saying, ‘We be to rap what Key be to Locke’. As in John Locke. And I knew who John Locke was, but I couldn’t think of anyone who would be related to Locke in any sort of way whose name was Key. So for years I’ve been hoping to come across an economist or philosopher or something along those lines by the name of Key, so I could finally get the full gist of this phrase. No, really. Then this morning…. I just got it.

Secondly on the blog agenda, is President Bush for real? I generally don’t get into politics, either in real life or on this blog, but I just read this… and I mean, huh? I am by no means a Bush supporter, but I do actually end up spending the tiny bit of time I do speak about politics trying to defend the man, because everyone here is just so aggressively anti-Bush. But you read things like this and really just wonder, does he have a brain cell? Is he really a malfunctioning robot or what?

Edit by Scott: I wouldn't say this is related to Bush, really. More just general US government nonsense. Not that I support Dubbya, but I don't think he personally had a hand in this one, seems a little small-fry for the most powerful man in the world to be dealing with.

In other news, (I don’t want to end the post with nothing better than an article about Bush’s mush-for-brains):
1. I tried to create an improved sequel of the fab hair from yesterday and ended up with Medusa-head. Hair Tip of the Day (and the only one you’ll ever get from me): If you discover a great way to fix your hair, NEVER try to improve upon it. Yesterday, I merely blow-dried my hair, held the roller to the top of the strand and wrapped the hair around it and finis! After seeing the great look it created, I sprayed with gel spray to get the curls to stay and that was that. This morning, in order to get the curls to stay better all day, I first moussed my wet hair, blow-dried, rolled and then sprayed with rollers in hair. EVERYONE PLEASE LISTEN. This is SUCH A BAD IDEA. My hair is in a ponytail today.

2. The Ladies’ Evening last night actually ended up being quite a good time. Mostly because I am the Pictionary Queen, and also because I have fantastic dramatic poetry reading skillz, but really because my friend Emily did such an amazing job of talking about the love relationship between us and God, as well as our worth as women. Bravo, Emily. If I can get her to give me her speech, I’ll post it somewhere for the interested.

3. It looks like I might get to hang out with Michaela next week sometime, as she’ll be in the area. Super hurray for new friends, ya’ll. Hurray for friends who wear the same shirt in the same colour from the same shop (bought on the same sale for the same price) and who also like things like coffee, cheese and pretentious places in Glasgow. Tchai Ovna?

4. Finally, Rangers game tomorrow….oh. my. goodness. I don’t know if I can stand the excitement!!!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled websurfing.

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