Wednesday, July 13, 2005

¿Es Unas Lobas?

Before you say anything, I know that actually doesn't mean anything, and what it almost means is "Is that a wolf?" It's a not-really-that-funny inside joke.

I've been fascinated lately by Central and South American culture. I've been obsessing over Mexican food, Gabriel García Márquez, Pablo Neruda, the Spanish language and accent, right down to the salsa ringtone on my mobile. I just think the Latin American culture is so much more... alive and advanced and natural than, say, North American culture. Latin American women feel comfortable and sexy with full figures, men are men and women are women, the love poetry is large and robust and full of passion, the dances are sensual and classy and skillful. Compare that to the United States where women are pressured into being walking sticks, many men aren't men and most women aren't women, the love poetry is plebian and unconvincing, and the dancing is, well, just sex-standing-up.

Not that I know really all that much about the culture; I've only visited a couple of times, Venezuela when I was twelve (and I barely remember it) and Mexico twice when I was older. But it fascinates me regardless. I am excited about delving into the literature and music and history of South and Central America (particularly the Carribean), and I think I'll make chalupas for dinner.

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