Monday, July 25, 2005

The thing is, keeping up with a blog while on holiday is really hard.


1. My brother's wedding went perfectly. My new sister Charity was simply GORGEOUS. She had a long veil that trailed the floor. Everything was great, except my shoes.

2. Being at home with my parents was wonderful. I love my family. I miss them again already.

3. Sleeping in living rooms with a husband is awkward. I feel guilty for cuddling.

4. I love being back in Fayetteville. I'll be here for the week. I'll try to see all you Fayettevillians while I'm here. But Amanda doesn't have a phone so getting in touch will be a chore. I'll figure it out though.

5. Thursday Scott and I are going to stay at Carnall Hall, where we stayed during out honeymoon. The receptionist is gonna try to get us the same room and everything. It's gonna be romantical.

6. We're spending waaayyy too much money. Ouch. But we're having fun, and we have until September (our anniversary) to pay some of this off. Hopefully we'll pay off enough to do something small and nice for our One Year. In the mean time, I'm enjoying all the new clothes and CDs. :)

7. Amanda's dog Apple is a sweetie pie. A sweetie apple pie.

We'll update some more when we get back home. I've taken only like one picture so I'll get to work on that and post some pics when we get home, too.

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