Friday, July 22, 2005


Hi everyone,

Just letting you guys know that we are still alive. We're staying at Lori's parents house, so the dial-up connection deterred us from posting ;). We're DSL snobs these days.

We've been having fun so far, getting haircuts, seeing movies, getting our Lori's nails done. The movie we went to see was Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, which was rather good, to my surprise. I was expecting it to be a complete disaster, but aside from Depp's version of Mr Wonka, I was pleasantly surprised.

Today is when we get busy. Setting up for the wedding (which is tomorrow), doing the rehearsal, doing the rehearsal dinner, then the wedding tomorrow.

Sunday morning we head to Fayetteville (where Lori went to college). Amanda is kindly putting us up for the best part of a week. Very good of her. Are there any good shows on this week? I'm off to look.


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