Thursday, November 04, 2004

Wee update:
-Still don't have the computer.
-Had a great time at the Polyphonic Spree show; it was beyond incredible to see Tim DeLaughter and Mark Pirro just feet away once again, and to see Bryan Wakeland on drums for the first time ever. It was like the Polyphonic Daisy or the Tripping Spree. I was in heaven.
-I had another driving lesson today, and I did much better than usual.
-Pictures from Halloween can be found Bryce and Ashley's way.
-I talked to my best friend on the phone, and I miss her a ton.
-I'm going out tonight with my mum-in-law and sis-in-law for curry and wine.
-My husband is freaking hot.

I've got ideas for our new blog, so just as soon as we get our computer (which is just at the parents house, waiting for the family to clear off their personal stuff), and once we get some new webspace (our current webspace is inaccessible as my password has been mysteriously changed, disallowing me to upload pictures), once all this is done, we'll have pictures and stuff for you all. Wedding pictures, new house pictures, Halloween pictures, possibly by then Thanksgiving pictures (yes, we are celebrating Thanksgiving, even if we aren't in America.)

Speaking of America, the ole Bush won. I didn't get to vote because of the whole absentee ballot thing which you have to send off for like 2 months in advance, which I didn't know, but I was gonna vote Peroutka (Constitutional Party) anyway so... At any rate, I'm glad Bush won, if only because it means Kerry didn't. I don't like either man. Ooh, but some jerk came into the coffee shop today and Jean told him I was American and he said, "That prick got into office again," and Jean and I said it was better him than Kerry and then this man started going off about Americans and how "they aren't taught in schools to think for themselves!" and other such bs and it thoroughly pissed me off. I made myself an excuse to walk away and went off glaring. He continued to bitch about America and Americans for another half hour or so to anyone who would listen, and had he not been the boss's uncle, I would've totally considered telling him off. I mean, how stupid do you have to be to insult (thoroughly insult) a person's homeland right freaking to their face??? I mean, I don't think America's got nearly half of everything right, but I sure as hell don't want to hear some pompous British person tell me that we don't know how to think for ourselves! Think for ourselves? This is what I think. Changing leadership, party and all, right during the middle of a war, simply because you don't like the war, and hope the new guy will end it, is a serious threat to national security. I mean, if the other guy would've handled the war better then far enough, but how could anyone trush Kerry to be smart about the war when the guy has no personality and absolutely no ideas whatsoever??

Ok, whew that was a rant. Don't know where that came from. For the record, I'm no Bush fan. Like I said, I was gonna vote 3rd party and try to help build it up to an actual competitive party.

All right, I gotta go. Bye.

-Look on me with Thy favour; vouchsafe to me Thy grace.

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