Thursday, November 18, 2004

Update Poem

Work today was long
so luckily nothing went wrong.
But all my joints are sore,
its like I'm rheumatic or
arthritic, but I'm twenty-two years old,
why does my neck creek and groan
like I'm ninety and dying?
I'm serious, I am not lying.
I'm gonna get a Swedish massage,
they're half-off at some Greenock spa!
I'm lucky my husband understands--
he'll let me go, he's no typical man.
I think I'll go next week
while Scott's at work or asleep.

I had curry tonight with the fam
I ordered chicken but somehow got lamb.
Yet I didn't complain cos it was nice,
I mixed it all up with my rice.
I didn't have wine with my meal
cos of how last night's wine made me feel...
(I drank a lot and I drank it fast,
I didn't know I'd be jaked off my ass,
I just wanted to feel a tiny bit tipsy
and I think I went overboard... I'm not gonna even try rhyming with tipsy.)

Saturday I'm visiting friends
in Edinburgh, all Americans.
Anna is from my home town
and she's staying in Northern Ireland just now.
She's coming to Scotland to shop
so we'll have lunch, and she'll meet Scott.
Then we'll go visit the Hayses,
(the fun we have with them amazes...
me) and we'll all have a really great time...
Gosh I'm so sick of this rhyme.

The End.

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