Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Contraceptive FYI (TMI?)

a) Did you know that all birth control is free in the UK?
b) Did you know they have implants now?
c) Did you know that the implants are free in the UK?
d) Is that creepy or amazing? I'm still trying to decide.


So... so, so. Edinburgh was great. We visited Jonathan and Sarah/Bryce and Ashley's church. Bryce preached, and he did a fine fine job. I was very impressed. And he spoke out, man, about how crap some churches/evangelicals have become. Preach it, brother. Hallelujah.

Let's see. Something interesting to talk about...

a) I'm going to look into teaching classes at the college here in Greenock. You get paid like £22 an hour for teaching a class there and all you need is a degree!! I'm gonna mail off my CV and see what becomes of it. Can you imagine £22 an hour? Holy moly!

b) I'm also gonna bite the bullet and start mailing out my poems to publishing magazines. If I get rejected, so be it. But it's about time I try. I'm dead nervous just thinking about it, and it makes my stomach turn, but if I never try, I'll never know. (But if something does get published, I expect all of you to go off and mail the publisher asking for more and more these Lori McF poems.)

Scott and I are currently reading through Romans. It is very hard to start a consistent quiet time on your own, let alone with someone else. Because when you feel motivated, they may not, and when they feel motivated, you may not. But this can come in helpful if you are both truly interested in growing in the knowledge of God. So we are taking Romans one chapter at a time each morning and discussing the troubly bits (which is practically all of it.) I'm glad my husband is so clever. He helps me through the parts that make me go, "huh?". It's been very rewarding. We've also started praying together during these times. It's hard enough to pray alone and be honest and say embarrassing things to God by yourself, but doing it with someone else is even weirder. I find I giggle a lot more now when we pray out loud, but its good. It seems when you talk to God there's less room for hiding the truth so you end up hearing the truth come out of your beloved in a much more honest way. It's very good. Because, see, apparently, you are supposed to become one flesh in a variety of ways, not just physically, in marriage. :D So, we're learning what those ways are. And we're trying to keep in mind that it's ok to not understand it all--we are newlyweds.

I need more friends in Greenock. Girl crush who is to remain nameless, talk to me.

I like my friends in Edinburgh. They should move to Glasgow.

I miss my friends in Fayetteville. They should come visit. (March is lovely, Miss Emily.)

Me mum is coming over in just a few weeks. I cannae wait to hug her and show her my grown-up, married, Scottish life.

My work is having its Christmas Night Out in two weeks. It'll be my first party with my very own friends. I'm gonna dress like a party girl and talk about boys (my husband). I'm gonna drink cocktails on the company and probably end up discussing Christianity with my boss again. Bottoms up!

My husband will be home from work soon, and I can't wait to see him, because he is a FOX. (...Can men be foxes?)

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