Monday, November 01, 2004

Big Girl

In just a few minutes I'm off to the Polyphonic Spree gig. This post is called "Big Girl" because tonight I have to be a big girl.

It's already dark, now that it is 5:00pm, so I will be walking down to the train station in the dark to take the train to Glasgow Central where I will disembark. Then I will walk through the streets of Glasgow (in the dark) until I find the Underground, where I will buy a single from a little machine and take the subway on the right. I will get off the subway at Hill Head and walk a few steps to the left, then go down an alley full of pubs (in the dark) until I reach Boyd Orr. I will turn and head for Queen Margaret's Union where the gig will be, and I will meet Jonathan and Sarah (in the dark). Whew! Pretty grown up stuff here!

This post is merely to pass the time before I go be an adult.

In other news, Halloween was fabulous-- I met fabulous people, Ashley and Bryce being two of them. I also had my first fuzzy navel(s), and I was quite pleased. I rapped with Jonathan for a wee while, too, which is always a pleasure. Perhaps when Sarah and Scott form their bluegrass band, Jonathan and I can tour with them as emcees.

(Is it cooler to say MCs? I only know ghetto speak, not ghetto spell.)

And we promise, my husband and I, to bring you pictures and a new blog-look soon. We still don't have the computer.

Ok, I'm off to the train station. Aieeee!!

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