Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Today feels much better. God has really given me a peace about Scott leaving. Part of this must be Candice's praying for me and part of it is God's grace. I wonder how much of each it is? I suppose it's all God's grace with Candice's praying, too... Hmm...

I started school today and came back to work after what seems like forever. I have worked two days in the past 3 weeks or so. There was a lot waiting for me. But I got all the spam cleared out and all the easy reports taken care of so I should get a lot done tomorrow and be caught up on Thursday. I work every day now and I still haven't figured out how that works with dress. I don't want to wear business clothes to school and I can't wear school clothes to work. I didn't care today, I'm wearing jeans and hoping no one important notices.

I'm thinking of buying a tote bag. A cute pink one.

I had three classes today. English/Language Composition, the "Faulkner Grammar" class, is going to be my favorite. The teacher is so cute. I've had her before for a literature class and found her so boring, but when she talks about grammar, I'm captivated. It's probably not her at all. It's me. I love grammar. I kept answering all the questions. Everyone's either gonna hate me or want to sit by me, I don't know.

Sociology is a BIG class with loud, obnoxious people but the teacher is energetic, and while she might overwhelm me, I should make an easy A in there.

Poetry has a lot of my friends in it and is taught by a teacher no one but me likes. Of course, he starts talking and before I know it my mind is wondering, but it'll be good material and he can be interesting. When he's not being boring. And grouchy. And talking about his ex-wife. Which I personally think is interesting. So I guess just not when he's being boring and grouchy.

I still miss Scott though. He's calling tonight. I predict a lot of "I miss you"s and "I love you"s and so forth.

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