Friday, January 02, 2004

Hello to everyone. This is Scott again. I'm at Lori's work while she does a few hours to get her holiday pay.

It's not terribly interesting.

One thing I'd like to observe about her work is that the programme they use to do reports is terrible. Someone should really write them something better, that isn't a text based interface. It'd be much quicker if they could use the mouse and do things automatically. Someone could make some money out of that.

We went to Graceland. It was an awful lot of fun. I wish the tour was set out differently though, you were kind of rushed from room to room without being able to stop and actually see the place. The jungle room wasn't made a big enough deal of. It was the one room in the house that I really wanted to see. Oh well.

It was still good, in a kitsch/tacky way.

I like Waffle House waffles. Hopefully we get to go again. The bacon wasn't so good, though. Sausage next time I think.

Food in America is weird.

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