Friday, January 09, 2004

It's weird the things you can't do when you run out of checks.

I can't pay bills. I mean I could call them in and pay with credit card but then I'd be charged a fee.

Actually that's about it. There are many a place that only take cash or check but I don't shop there too often.

Ok so it's not really something to blog about. I just haven't had anything else to say...

My friends and I had a good night last night, sitting around laughing and drinking. We never do that. We're not exactly big drinkers, me and my friends. So last night was an occasion. An occasion for what? Nothing really, just needed something to do. It ended up being fun. Yay for fun.

Scott is still wonderful even after two straight weeks of pure each other. I can't believe how well we've gotten along. Yay for getting along. Yay for being in love.

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