Thursday, December 04, 2003

I feel like the ultimate grogster today. Tuesday at work was a breeze. I had so little to do. I have to finish my research paper tonight so I thought I'd bring my disk and my articles to work with me so I could work during my downtime. Downtime, ha! I haven't had any downtime today! I've been working non-stop all day. Ask anyone I usually chat with during the day, like Kate, and they'll tell you- I haven't even had chat time today!

Anyway so I feel pretty worn out, and my typing fingers are sore. So are my shoulders because my desk is a little too high for my chair. *Adjusts seat height. *Seat lowers. *Seat won't raise now. *Jackie and Lori wrestle with chair to make it rise. *It rises enough. *Out of breath.

When I get home, I'm going to fix myself a nice plate of cold pizza, and dang it, if only I had some colas left I'd make a nice whiskey and coke for my nice hot bubble bath I'm going to prepare myself. Then I will put on pajamas and get to work on my paper. I will finish my paper and go to bed. I will wake up on Friday and live a Friday.

The love of my life will finally be here in 22 days. Tick tock tick tock....

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