Friday, December 05, 2003

-finished Tripping Daisy paper, turned it in, wish I'd put more songs on the tape, done.
-received take-home final for History of Lit, it looks like poop.
-work is stressful this week, unexpectedly.

The Post:
If As You Like It is my favorite Shakespeare play, The Tempest is coming in second. I haven't actually read it yet, but I will this weekend, and from what we've discussed in class about it, I think it's simply wonderful. I hope I never see a production of it because the pictures in my head of Ferdinand and Miranda, and of Prospero and Ariel and especially Caliban are beautiful. Ferdinand is this cute 15 or 16 year old boy with reddish-blonde curly hair and a smooth complexion. Miranda is tall and has rosy cheeks. I think her hair is brown, dark brown, but she's very pretty. Prospero is tall with gray hair and wears a black garment. Ariel looks like a tall man with lots of flowy clothes. And Caliban, oh pathetic Caliban, is a hunched over half-naked black man who runs around with his arms swinging but makes frustrated and sad faces and has a very brooding attitude. If I were a good painter, I'd paint what I see in Caliban. He is a terrifying character, but so ... pitiful as well. How can you help but feel sorry for Caliban? I want to live on the island of the Tempest. With Rosalind and Orlando and Celia from As You Like It as well of course. I think they'd like the island. Though Celia would miss court too much. Rosalind and Miranda would make great friends, I bet. So would Orlando and Ferdinand. Maybe Celia should stay where she is with Oliver and have babies and stuff.

The only problem is if I lived with those people, I don't know if they'd like me so much. I'd be too in love with their boys. Add Billy Budd and you've got all my literature crushes right there together in one place.

The end.

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