Tuesday, December 09, 2003

The closer it gets to Scott being here, the worse the anticipation hurts. It hurts to countdown the days now. It's 17 days 'til he gets here; that seems too far. I can hardly read his emails because it hurts too much. I miss him so much.

Last night Melana chose Jason over Adam. I know I said I liked Jason a few posts down but after last week I realized that Adam was the one for her. Adam is perfect. Jason is pretty much boring. He's really sweet, but he's nothing compared to Adam. Last night Adam proved himself to be every girl's dream- and Melana chose Jason instead. Amanda, Ingrid, and I cried. Bradley didn't cry but he knew she chose the wrong dude. After she did that I realized that she was not perfect for him. Adam deserves so much better than Melana. Adam deserves the world. How many honest, funny, attractive, (rich), selfless, humble, confident, not arrogant guys have come into your lives lately? Melana. Bad call. Adam. You're awesome.

If it weren't for History of Lit my life would be so much more calm right now. I could study for Shakespeare and make an A. I could get on the Dean's List (4.0 List). If it weren't for this damn class...

I got a paycheck today that was pretty nice. Good thing, too, because it's my last full paycheck until January. Thus I get to pay rent AND all my bills out of this one check. I now have $30 left over. Glad I've done my Christmas shopping.

Is the violence rate higher or lower or the same in the UK as it is in the US? Do kids stab each other on busses in Britain like they do in America?

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