Friday, September 12, 2003

The Vending Machine

Who is the guy who regulates vending machines? I'd like to either meet him or take his job. Because he's not doing it.

There's this really cool coffee vendor in Kimpel Hall. You put in your coins, choose a coffee and size and out pops a little cup and the machine fills it to the desired/paid amount. This morning before my folk music class, I really wanted something warm and sweet. I put my 55 cents in the machine and punched in 1-G-3 to get a large hot chocolate. (The hot chocolate is good, but the coffees are shite.) As I was putting my change back into my bag, I failed to notice that no cup had popped out. I heard the right sound,and I heard the hot chocolate pouring. When I went to grab my cup, there was hot chocolate all right, but it wasn't in a cup. It was everywhere else. How disappointing!

I started to go to class but I thought, "Well, I'm really thirsty! I'll just get a soda." So I put a dollar in the soda machine and punched the coke button. The coke rattled its way down the shoot and came out the hole. And then another coke rattled down the shoot and came out the hole. I got two bottles.

I mean, I guess the karma worked out fine, one machine steals my money while the other loses some. But shouldn't it be a little more regulated? I mean, coming from the business side of it, those machines are not doing their job.

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