Saturday, September 20, 2003

If Patience Started a Band I'd Be Her Biggest Fan

I just really like that line.

Today has been a lovely day. Mmm, let's actually take it so far as to say this has been a good weekend. I came home from work yesterday, and everything was already set up to be a brilliant weekend. Ingrid and David were leaving for Oklahoma and Amanda was off to baby-sit all night. I had the whole house and night to myself. I ate Subway for dinner, spent many many many hours talking to Scott which was simply lovely, and then spent many more hours reading late into the night. I finished a book called Singing In Zion, about an Arkansas family of folksingers. I started reading Passion and Purity for the second time. It has been really good. I think it speaks more to me now than it did when I last read it. I think I relate more to Elisabeth Elliot this time. And its given me tons to pray about, which I know both me and Jesus really like. Today I got up and read for a few hours then made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. I washed all the dishes and mopped the kitchen to the sounds of The Promise Ring. After that I cleaned the kitchen, read some more, chatted with some Jehovah's Witnesses at the door, watched "Old School", and cleaned my room.

Ahh, what a nice day. And its only 2 in the afternoon. So much more time in the day. Yay.

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