Tuesday, September 23, 2003

It's the worst feeling to be at work and have no work to do. I feel like such a waster. I feel like everyone who walks by is thinking "That girl never does any work." It's terrible. Sometimes I can be so stressed and have so much to do and then there are others where I sit here for eight hours trying to find something to read on the net or someone to talk to on MSN or new Friendsters in invite. Sigh.

I just ordered some Loafin' Joes. Mmm I can't wait. I got the French Kiss with Ranch chips and a Dr. Pepper. (Had to get the drink to get the deal.) The deal is, I got one free 6" sub with the purchase of all that. So I also got the Country Club with no tomato. Yay! The delivery time is 45 minutes to an hour though. I'm starving, peeps, can't you hurry it up in there?

I was going to go to the Honors Library today to look at some old Thesis Proposals and some Creative Writing Theses. But if my lunch is going to arrive that late, I'll just go to the library tomorrow. I am such a procrastinator. So the plan is, tomorrow after class, I'll go give blood in the Union Ballroom, eat my free pizza, take my free shirt, and then go to library. I need to, whether I want to or not. In fact, I so should do it today. I've gotta get that thing written and signed. I haven't even asked anyone to be on my committee yet. PROCRASTINATOR!

BUT I have a director.

I also have a Shakespeare test Monday. Noooo! I am in love with Dr. Candido, I want to make a good grade and make him love me! But there's no way. I could just sit on the floor and cry. I hate tests. I hate school. I just want to go ahead and move!

The end.

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