Thursday, September 25, 2003

Things I Desire:
1. To be an astronaut.
2. To be a mad scientist and make purple chemical concoctions that bubble over in a test tube.
3. A hot air balloon ride over the Africa, watching the lions chase the gazelles.
4. A husband.
5. Sex with a husband.
6. Not being allergic to kitty cats.
7. To see the Rudds just once more.
8. To meet Judah.
9. To move to Wales to work with Teen Challenge.
10. A girls centre to be started in Scotland that God would allow me to be involved with.
11. To see my boyfriend's band play now that he and his brother are in it.
12. For Amanda to move with me wherever I go.
13. For Amanda to want to move with me wherever I go.
14. Dr. Candido.
15. For Kate to feel better.
16. Scott's arrival date.
17. Lunch at Thai Diner.
18. God.

Great. I feel like a big horrible selfish jerk-person for not thinking of God until Desire #18. God, please forgive me for putting mad scientistry and 16 other things ahead of you today. Whether I thought of it or not, you are always my first and most significant desire.

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