Thursday, November 05, 2015

It's Been 8 Years...

I think the last time I actually blogged was 2007, but I'm standing in to make sure a blog is posted tonight for NaBloPoMo (I had to look it up, National Blog Posting Month). Lori is crashed out behind me, she had a long day!

Let's be honest, my name's at the top (and my old lyrics too) but this is Lori's blog. She's a much better writer than me, and, well... I'd never post this openly about my life and feelings. Absolute best case, you'd occasionally get some pictures of the kids if I was the sole author here. It's very strange for me that the people who follow Lori's blog or have read her book end up knowing a fair bit about my life too.

But I'm really grateful that Lori has kept this blog running over the years. Not just so that it's shared with those of you who keep up with our little family, but because it is going to be crazy awesome for the kids when they are older.

This blog has been running since before Lori and I started dating, and has 1665 (including this) published posts. Our Flickr account has almost 10,000 pictures, and that's just the highlights (we have a ton more on our file storage too).

So thanks, Lori. You're crafting an incredible gift for our family here. For our kids and for their kids, for me and the insight into you this gives me and for us in 30 years, when we're too old to remember the details properly.

On the other hand, the kids' friends are going to have unprecedented access to hilarious photos. For that I am truly sorry kids, blame your mother.

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