Friday, July 18, 2014

Texan Surprise

As promised yesterday, I'll share a little about our special surprise we got last weekend!

I was at work at the community center last Thursday when Scott called. He said he had someone who wanted to say hello. He handed the phone over and a deep Scottish voice said hello. It was my brother-in-law Pete from Texas! He and Rebekkah (his wife) and their three kids had driven to Arkansas to surprise us with a weekend visit. It was Jaguar's birthday the following day, and Pete had some time off of work, so Rebekkah suggested they come down to see us.

Scott was able to get Friday off last minute since his brother was in town, and we had a really good extended weekend with them. On Friday, we laid pretty low to let them recover from their long drive. We had a late breakfast at Waffle House, and then hung out at our house the rest of the day. The guys picked up beer and margaritas, and I picked up some groceries to make guacamole, cheese dip, and fajitas for dinner. Fifi and Lolly were delighted to see their cousins Audrey and Juliette, and Jaguar had fun trying to follow them all around. Baby Samuel slept most of the time. (It was great to see our newest nephew!) We played Skip-Bo and Cards Against Humanity until late in the evening.

On Saturday, we planned to go to the zoo. However, it was Dollar Day, and the traffic to even get to the zoo exit was unbelievable, so we turned around and went to the Little Rock River Market instead. We visited Heifer Village, where the kids got to do some crafts. We had a picnic for lunch. We wandered around the Farmer's Market. We got slushies.

After leaving Little Rock, we went back home and took the kids swimming at the community center. Following the pool, we stuffed ourselves silly at Western Sizzlin. Everyone came back to our house for about an hour, and Rebekkah, who is an amazing photographer, took lots of family pictures, which I can't wait to see. Pete and Rebekkah wanted to get back to their hotel early, since they planned to leave super early the next day to get back to Texas, so we said our goodbyes after pictures. The girls cried. We took more pictures. We promised we'd come visit them in Texas soon. We waved to them as they drove off.

It was a wonderful surprise. And luckily, my house was pretty clean when they showed up.

And now -- the pictures!

Click here for more pictures.

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