Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby Jaguar's First Birthday

It hardly seems believable that it's been a whole year since Master Jaguar was born. I remember the day so clearly; it could have been last month. But here we are, an entire world away from where we were then, on Jaguar's birthday.

There hasn't been much time for blogging since we moved here. Scott needs the computer most of the time for job hunting, and when he's not using it, we are usually busy doing other settling-in things. As much as I'd like to write a long, heart-felt post (and I do intend to later if at all possible), right now I'm busy making lunch, getting the girls dried off and dressed after playing in the pool, baking a birthday cake, and tidying the house before an old high school friend of mine and her little boy get here. Scott is busy cleaning out the pool. The Birthday Boy is busy playing with his new toy (and the poor kid has been relegated to the play pen while I do all the hot oven stuff). It's all go around here, all the time, despite my not having a job!

But I'll give you a quick birthday up-date. The wee man slept in (which meant I slept in!) until nearly 9. He opened his present from us, an elephant that blows baubles out his trunk. We all went to breakfast at Waffle House to celebrate. My aforementioned friend is coming over soon to play. The girls are going to Vacation Bible School tonight. Jaguar's actual birthday party will be on Saturday, which I will make a tremendous effort to blog about. He's been all smiles all day, and even took a wonderful nap earlier, allowing me to do paperwork while he slept. He's my perfect little ray of sunshine, that boy.

Happy birthday, Jaguar. You made this little family complete.


  1. What a gorgeous baby Cailean was, and what a delightful, handsome boy he is becoming. I am so glad you all are settling in well, and enjoying the pool! We move two weeks from yesterday, and I fear I am not getting through things as well as you did. Boxes of books lurk in my basement, and I have not even broached them. I think I will tackle a book of teen novels in my eldest daughter's closet and see what I can drop at Salvation Army. God bless you all. Did I tell you my sister-in-law is moving to Scotland on July 22? Lots of moving this summer. When I originally heard of her move, I thought perhaps we'd go visit her, and maybe get a chance (if I was really brave and uncharacteristically outgoing) to meet you. We're moving from New York to Illinois, which (I believe) is next to Iowa which is on the other side of Missouri from you. We'll practically be neighbors. ;-)

  2. **(BOX of teen novels)

  3. :) I knew somehow what you meant, Ruth. Yes, Illinois, we're not THAT far from each other, haha! Good luck with your move.


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