Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Arrivals and Departures

It's been two weeks now since we arrived in the Good Ole USA. We had a horrendous time getting over here; our international flight to Philadelphia was disrupted by a storm over Philadelphia airport, so after circling for a while, we were rerouted to Baltimore to refuel. We had to sit on the plane for an hour and a half, with no air conditioning and no drinks, until they flew us back to Philly. Because of the three hours this added to our flight, everyone missed all their connections. We were given hotel and meal vouchers and sent to stay overnight in hotel. This wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for the fact we had twelve suitcases among us! Between us three adults (Scott, his mum Marion and I), we had to manage the three children while unloading twelve 50lb suitcases out of baggage claim, out the airport, onto a hotel shuttle, into the hotel and then up the lifts to our rooms. And then a few hours later (we had to leave the hotel at 4.30 to catch our new 6am flights), we had to do it all again in reverse. It was awful. We finally arrived in Arkansas at half-ten Wednesday morning.

Since then, it's been great. The kids are positively LOVING it out here. They love being able to go in and out all day long, playing in the garden, playing in the pool, playing with the dog. The heat is a bit oppressive, but already we are all starting to acclimatize (see the z?). Except for Jaguar. It's still too hot for him, so he has been a really fussy baby for the past couple of weeks. The new surroundings and the heat combined with typical one-year-old separation anxiety makes for one difficult, clingy baby. But he'll adjust soon too.

We've had lots of fun (though the fun has been mingled with sad moments here and there as we remember Scotland and all those people and things we've had to leave behind). We have done loads of shopping, toured some caverns, gone swimming, visited the cinema to see Monsters University in 3D, and meet up with old friends and family.

There's not much to report yet in the way of official stuff. Marion only left yesterday, so today is the first real official day of what will from now on be considered 'normal' for us. Or at least, as normal as it can be right now, while living in my mother's house! We are all doing well. The last two weeks were spent as 'holidays' with Scott's mum here, and we had such a good time with her. I'm so glad she came out with us. Saying goodbye was no fun though... yesterday was a really emotional day for everyone. But now it's time to get going on all the really boring stuff, like looking for cars, a house, and all that sort of stuff.

More updates will come!

We miss you already, Mum and Dad, Kate and Faisal and Adam!!!

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