Monday, June 10, 2013

Making the Most of It

At the park with Laura

With only one week left living in this country, I figure I better get a post or two typed up before I miss the opportunity. In spite of the sadness that lurks in the background of each and every day leading up to our move, I have been having a really great time making the most of it these last few days. I've been squeezing in visits with friends and visits to special places absolutely any where and any time I can. Though the items on my list of things to do before moving aren't getting ticked off quite as thoroughly as I hoped, I've been doing plenty, regardless, that have been great memories-in-the-making.

I spent the whole weekend with friends.
Scott and I went on our special date to Thai Siam (and even caught a flick at the pictures!).
I had lunch (not cocktails) at The Beacon (not Flava) with Maria.
I had a Whine and Wine night with Lee.
I went swimming at the Gourock Pool with Lorna.
I had lunch at the Mid-Kirk with my in-laws.

Date Night at our favourite restaurant

It's been great fitting in bits of as much quality time as possible with people, instead of doing that more natural, self-preserving thing of distancing myself to avoid the emotion. And it's been worth it. All these experiences have been so positive and happy.

Today, my friends showed just how much they care by coming over and helping me clear out my kitchen. It's so hard trying to clear out everything you own, and the kitchen is the hardest, when you know you use everything (or almost everything) in it regularly. The girls were a life-saver though; they helped me clear every cupboard and separate into piles of keep/charity shop/throw away (and of course their own piles of 'I could use that!' which cheered me very much).

Wee Buddies

It was funny though, come dinner time. Sure I'd kept all the paper plates, napkins and cutlery I'd found lurking at the back of shelves, and I kept one or two pots and pans to get us through the next seven days. But trying to make dinner tonight? Nightmare! It should've been simple; I found some pizza base mixes and some passata during our cupobard clear-out and decided to make pizzas.

I had no measuring cups to measure the water for the mix.
I had no mixing bowl to mix the dough in.
I had no flour or greaseproof paper to press the dough out onto.
I had no charger to put the pizza on when it came out of the oven.

It was pretty funny really. I think I just give up now cooking. One week of dinner invites are welcome!

Not that we'll need any more invites; starting tomorrow, either me or Scott will be out every night visiting friends and family! If we're lucky, there will be food. As for the kids, there are about twenty packets of Chinese noodles that have been discovered today for them to live on.

Tomorrow, those dear friends of mine are returning to help me tear into the worst room in the house - no, not my bedroom - okay, so the second worst room in the house - the Study.

And also tomorrow? The sofas, refrigerator, and clothes dryer are going bye-bye. Not that the dryer matters much now; the washing machine left last Friday. Mummy-dearest has been washing our clothes for us at her house. I'm telling you, we are surrounded by love!

Playing at Eden's house

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