Sunday, September 23, 2012

On a Lighter Note...

So... how do you follow something like Friday's post?

With a cute photo, that's how.

Also with a mention of a project I am considering participating in. It's called The October Dress Project. You basically go the whole month of October wearing the same dress, which you accessorise and wear differently every day. I will be straightforward with you and say that I am only going so far with this, if I decide to do it. That is to say, I will participate Monday through Friday, but by golly, I might just give myself a break on the weekends. Scott and I have a romantic weekend away booked for the first weekend of October, and I'd quite like to look special at least one of those nights!

Anyone else want to take the challenge with me? My reasons for doing it are varied. I like the anti-consumerism idea of it (and intend to use this month as a chance to properly purge my wardrobe of unnecessary items), but I also like the simple challenge of it. How creative can I be? How much fun can I have with this? And how many friends I can I rope in to do it with me? :)

I'm going to also use it as a blogging project. I've been looking for a theme, so for the month of October, I will blog about the project (if I take the plunge!) and that will get me in practice for NaBloPoMo, which will get me ready for DecBloAdMo. If I can accomplish all of this, I will be seriously awesomely blogging again.

(Of course, I *have* been blogging, over at Lunch is Boring, if you haven't been there yet. And also at

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