Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jigga Wha? (I'm tired.)

(Just thought a family photo would liven this up a bit...)

It's stupid o'clock, why am I still awake?

And why am I forcing myself to write something when I have nothing to write about on my mind?

Because I have been neglecting this blog by devoting love and attention to this one. I don't even know why I'm focusing so much on that blog; I don't have a plan for it, but I'm really enjoying it and keep wondering if I could some day making something of it. Like a business. Maybe I could sell bento boxes. Maybe I could MANUFACTURE bento boxes! Because all you'd need is, like, a plastic box making machine and stuff.

I suppose I could tell you what an awesome baby Jaguar is. Or what loving big sisters Fifi and Lolly are. Or how helpful a husband Scott is. But that just sounds like bragging.

I suppose I could try to write something really profound about... something, but I can barely put together enough words to create a sentence just now, what with baby brain and all. I think really I just need to get back into the habit of writing, because I really love writing.

I should write more poetry again. Like....

Babies make you tired
Tea keeps you wired
Nappies are needing dryered
I need to get myself hired.
(as a childminder again).

I'm such an awesome poetess. (Buy my eBook, it's even awesomer than that ^.)

So here's a challenge (I'm all about the challenges). Post something, anything, at least once a day. I have access to my blog on my phone; it should be easy, right? (Wrong. I tried to upload a wee post yesterday, and it's STILL claiming to be publishing.)

Maybe I need a challenge theme (much like my Keto Bento Challenge on my Lunch Blog?) like a photo challenge or a subject challenge.

By the way, I recognise that I am overusing parentheses. (Deal.)

OOOH how about I turn it over to you folks? Anyone got a writing or photo challenge for me? I need this.

I love you.

(I am so, so tired.)

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