Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Too Much On My Mind While I Drink My Morning Cuppa

My mind is scattered.

It is thinking about the following things (including but not limited to):

The beauty of my two potted Gerbera daisy plants, orange and red, with two tall open flowers each and several little ones peeking their tiny unbloomed heads up out of the leaves.

The brightness of the sun over the Tontine Hotel and the white clouds over the Clyde, promising (usually falsely) a glorious day.

The wilting leaves of my basil plant; am I watering it too much? Too little?

The niceness of my daughters playing with their doll house together, and hoping the camaraderie lasts all morning.

The anxiety over what to do with my rabbits right now while they are duking it out for dominance. Move them to a neutral territory again? But how, when I have kids in the house today?

All the plans I have for the future, and how will they pan out? Are they good plans or bad?

How will I get through this day of work when I am so tired, even though I had a great night of sleep?

I need to make Fifi and Scott's lunches.

I need to pay my car tax.

I need groceries.

I am having another baby, holy cow.

I am still in my dressing gown and must be ready for work in one hour.

The children are still in their pajamas and need to be ready for school and nursery in one hour.

My husband is still in bed and needs to be ready for work in less than one hour. I need to wake him up.

I need to clean the kitchen from last night's dishes. Oops.

I have recently learned that I no longer need to double space between sentences, but I don't think my fingers will ever learn this concept, nor is my brain willing to give up this once important typographical rule.

I need to send a text.

I need to go send that text now.


  1. PS. It appears Blogger is taking out the extraneous second space in between sentences for me. Um, thanks?

  2. I double space between sentences. I even go back and try to add it in when autoformat takes out one of the spaces.

    I loved this post and could totally relate to it. On my blog, I would have categorized it under "stream of consciousness."

    I hope you got ready in time and had a good day.

    There are always dishes. I once made up a song about the never-ending job of doing dishes. It was one of those never-ending songs (like "The Song that Does Not End" from Lambchop, if you ever saw that show).

    By the way, I've been meaning to tell you... I read that piece you wrote about the kid whose birthday party you did not go to. I'm not sure if it was fact or fiction. That was some really good writing. I really felt it, partly because I always had a fear of nobody coming to my birthday parties. I remember, about fifteen minutes before a party was scheduled to begin, I'd sit and watch out the window. I'd shake and feel totally as though I were going to throw up. I'd choke back tears and wonder how I was going to handle talking about it with my mom when nobody showed up. Fortunately, the guests always did come, but after awhile I just asked my mom to stop doing parties because I couldn't take the pressure.

  3. Ruth, I need to activate comment alerts so I can respond in a timely manner! Haha. That story was fiction, but it was based on a bit of truth. There was a boy (by a different name) with a similar story in my school, and he did have a birthday party that I didn't attend and no one ended up attending. I wrote that story, with all it's fictional details, as a sort of confession. It still breaks my heart to read, because I know that there is a true story hidden within it. :(


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