Tuesday, April 17, 2012


More on Project: Nesting - Curtain making.

The previous curtains in the girls' room were pink, and when we moved into this new flat with bigger windows, I had to attempt this project for the first time. I bought some printed fabric and inserted a panel to make them long enough. They ended up like this:

Now that I am redecorating to accommodate a little boy, I tried again. I bought some cheap children's red curtains, and knowing they wouldn't be long enough, I bought the fabric to insert. However, when I opened the curtains, I discovered they had no lining, which is no use in a country where the sun comes up at 4am during the summer, so I also bought a couple of twin-size white sheets to attach as lining.

Now before I continue, I should say this:
I had found a set of red curtains in IKEA for £24.99. They were more than long enough, thick and lined. When I saw these cheap kids' pair in Wilkinsons for £14.99, I thought, 'I'll save myself some money and make them myself! Even after spending another £5 on a metre of fabric, I'll still have saved money, not even including the petrol to IKEA!'

But then, like I said, I discovered there was no lining so I had to buy a sheet for each curtain. Then, when I went to buy the fabric, the length wasn't quite long enough (or not even close) so I had to buy 2 metres instead of just one.

So it ended up like this:
Curtains - £14.99
Sheets for lining - £9.90
2 metres of fabric - £11.90
Total for my 'cheaper' curtains: £36.79


But THEN I considered how much MORE I would've spent at IKEA besides the £24.99 curtains (plus petrol) and I figure in the end I probably DID save some money... I can easily spend £50 or £60 effortlessly in IKEA, so still a savings? Very likely.

The end result was this:

(As you will see, I haven't trimmed down the length of the lining yet. I will get to that someday... or not. Maybe it'll keep the cold out better or something...)

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  1. I love your curtains! You are really on a roll right now, nesting and blogging and such. Good for you! And congratulations on having a boy. One of my friends told me, "Boys are for the mama." They are little lovers, that's for sure.

    I have two of each, but right now I am left with only boys at home. They make me feel good. They love my cooking. :)


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