Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chewy's Wife

In about an hour and a half, our new bunny will be arriving to meet her betrothed.

We will see how this goes...

Bunnies are happier in pairs, so that is why we have decided to get a bunny friend for Chewy. However, the bonding experience can sometimes take a while and is often met at first with resistance by both animals, so I am expecting the process to take a great deal of time and patience. Male/female pairs work the best, which is why we chose a girl from the rabbit rescue centre, so Lolly has been calling this new bunny 'Chewy's life'. And by 'life' she means 'wife' but I suppose either is applicable!

Today, we had a funny conversation with the kids about the bunny date that is set for this afternoon. Besides Fifi getting exasperated and declaring she wasn't excited because 'this is going to be a struggle' (haha), she also came out with this brilliant comment:

Scott: What if Chewy and his wife end up having kids?
Fifi: Dad, you know they can't, they've both been broken!
Me: No, dear, fixed.
Scott: I think Fifi's term is more accurate.

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