Sunday, January 08, 2012

Get Up Off the Couch, Lazy Girl

I feel like arriving back in Scotland five days after New Year has screwed up my chances of ever getting organised, New Year's Resolution style. I had these plans - not resolutions, per se, but plans - to get more organised. Like make up school lunches the night before. Lay out uniforms and tomorrow's clothes the night before. Hoover the living room every day. Do one load of laundry and one load of dishes a day. But so far, jet lag and a late arrival into the New Year seems to be prohibiting me from doing these things.

It's not like they are extra hard work. The living room is nearly clean enough for hoovering. Just a few wee things here and there to put away and it's ready. The kitchen isn't in bad shape, in fact, I probably don't even have a full load of dishes to do. I just need to unload the dishwasher to make way for the two or three things lying around. The laundry on the pulley is dry; I just need to take them down, hang the wet stuff, and throw in another load. Lunches? Piece of cake (not literally). Just slap together a few sandwiches and throw in some fruit and yogurt.

So why am I not doing these things?

Because sitting on the couch with my feet up, watching Community on my laptop is ever so much more relaxing. I wish I had some sort of motivation device that rewarded my efforts with ice cream or something. Maybe I need to invent one.

But until I do, I really should hang up those wet clothes before they begin to smell like dead cat.

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