Friday, January 06, 2012

Back From Arkansas

Oh, my time in America was too glorious to describe. Every day we did something interesting, and the weather was GOR-GEOUS. It was killer coming back. At least Scotland greeted us with sunshine, albeit not warm sunshine. Still, in Scotland, you take sunshine in any form. So that was nice.

Now it's back to the grind or the mill or whatever that phrase is. Have already (already!) washed a load of clothes and a load of dishes. HOW does one spend one day at home and already have a load of clothes and dishes to wash? I suppose the only way to keep on top of it is to just do it as soon as it's ready to be done, so spur of the moment New Year's Resolution is to keep on top of housework. Ha! We'll see how long I can last that one out.

I still have to unpack all my suitcases, but I'm putting it off for good (enough) reasons. First, I want to clear out the kids' wardrobe and dresser of outgrown or tatty clothes to make space for their new stuff. I want to do the same for mine and Scott's stuff. And then I need peace and quiet and no kids to do this effectively and calmly, and while, yes, they aren't actually even in the house at the moment, right now is simply not the time. I am enjoying my post-workday freedom and appreciating a mostly clean house with very little getting-on-top-of to be done (aside from the suitcases). And there is chocolate cake waiting for me too, waiting for that homemade pizza I made for dinner to digest.

TGIF, there's another smashing reason to do nothing tonight. And jet-lag. I did only just arrive in yesterday afternoon. And my cold is another good reason.

And I'm pregnant, that's the best reason of all!

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