Saturday, January 07, 2012

Bucket List

I was thinking earlier on about New Year's Resolutions, and how I've only made the simple request of myself to blog more. But I also thought, Hey, this year I turn 30, and I never made one of those bucket lists of things you want to do before 30. If I had made one of those lists, I could easily say I have already marked most of those things off. Like traveling, getting married, having kids, being in a play, being in a band, etc. And now that my birthday is less than three months away, there really isn't time to make a list that could reasonably be accomplished.

So I'm making only one request of myself, only one bucket list item to strive for before I turn 30...

I am finally going to get my book of poems published.

Okay, okay, so the word 'published' sounds awfully fancy and official. And if you know anything about the writers' world, you don't just 'go' get your book published. It could take years before a publisher even nibbles at your work. BUT it does NOT take years to self-publish.

So I am going to finally get to work on my e-book.

In fact, the work is all done. The poems have been written (some of them for over eight years); all I need to do is get them formatted and put into an e-book. Then I just get an ISBN number (I think this comes with e-booking anyway), put my e-book on Amazon and ta da! I even finally have my cover picture, which I have been imagining for months, but finally got the perfect opportunity to take while in Arkansas. Since most of my poems take place in Arkansas, the landscape was just perfect for my photo.

So, I'm thinking three months is enough time to get this all put together. And if I can get enough people (enough of you!) to buy my e-book (which will be under £5), I might even make enough to get some copies printed for sale.

That is my one goal for before I turn 30.

Maybe I'll even have copies to sell at my awesome 30th birthday party blow-out!! Narcissistic? Maybe. But having a massive party all in honour of myself is pretty narcissistic anyway.

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