Friday, May 08, 2009

Oh yeah, I'm home.

Yeah, I suppose I should mention I got home safely, blah blah blah.

I'm right back in the big swing of things. TinyTalk classes start on Monday, along with Breastfeeding Awareness Week. Already feeling busy again. At least I've had a week to clean my house and get lots of little jobs done.

Today is a bit of a stressful day. A close friend of the family passed away, so Scott's got the car today so he can go to the funeral. He'll pick me and the girls up after for the reception later on. So we're stuck in the house, and I'm feeling pretty sad on top of that, and Fifi's being extremely toddlerish. Lolly's sleeping, and has been most of the morning, which helps a lot. Fi and I worked on her Garden Fairy costume for her friend Hannah's birthday party on Sunday. I hope my kids don't hate me for being the mum who makes all their costumes instead of buying the cool store-bought ones. I try to make them really cool, even cooler than store-bought ones, but you know kids. If you're the kid who brings hand-sliced cheese in your lunch box when everyone else has the pre-sliced cheese from the shop... well, that's your reputation DESTROYED.

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