Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On a Lighter Note

I don't want to see that stressed out post at the top of my page any more, so I'm lightening the mood by telling you about eBay and how awesome it is!

I always take my old clothes to the charity shop after doing a wardrobe clean-out, but this time I decided to take a long shot and post them on eBay. I can't believe it! Half of my stuff sold! Most of it sold for the starting price which was .99p each, but some things actually went for £5 or so!

Altogether, I sold about 7 items and made £17! I relisted the other 5 and am hoping for more success. And I'm totally off to photograph the rest of my bagged up clothes to list, as well as my back issues of Mslexia and some baby clothes.

What else do I want rid of, what else, what else...

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