Thursday, January 15, 2009

My First Bentos

I got Scott and Fifi bento boxes for Christmas. Scott goes back to work today, so I decided it was time to get started.

I'm new at this so it probably took me longer to fill these boxes than is average. I bought loads of small bento-sized foods this week and have lots of ideas, but the boxes really are very small, so some things didn't fit like I thought they would.

I'm also new to the asthetic side of bentos. Fifi's looks better than Scott's, but then again, I don't think Scott wants 'cute' lunches. His mates would probably taunt him mercilessly if I were to cutesy it up too much.

Here's Fifi's first bento lunch:

Top tier - pancake stars, grapes, blueberries and apricots
Bottom tier - sausages, celery, carrots and cheese

And Scott's first bento lunch:

Top tier - carrots, celery, naan bread and sausages
Bottom tier - pancakes, blueberries, monkey nuts and apricots
In tub - BBQ sauce for sausages

I realised though that I really need one for myself. It's all well and good feeding my family, but if I don't feed myself, I'm not feeding Lolly either. So Scott graciously bought me my own bento from eBay.

I think it's very cute.

Will hopefully keep this up. And post more pictures.

But for those of you who don't care about bento-related topics, here are some pictures of my princesses. (Lolly doesn't feature in them as much as Fifi. Sorry. Will remedy that soon.)

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