Monday, January 12, 2009

Domestic Goddess....

You know what's changing my domestic life?

Motivated Moms.

This chore planner is the best thing I've ever come across in the chore-planning world. When I've tried to make my own planners, or when I've used a ready-made one, I find that the daily projects are too big - like 'clean kitchen' or 'clean bathrooms'. Those kind of jobs take a block of time to do and therefore never get done. But the Motivated Moms chore planner is brilliant. The daily jobs are jobs that just need to be done daily, but if you don't get around to them, it's not the end of the world. But they're mostly things you can do in a jiffy, like wipe bathroom sinks. That takes no longer than a minute, and I can do it after washing my hands after using the loo! Then each day of the week has a few odd jobs to do, like 'clean the middle shelf of the refrigerator' or 'water indoor plants'. Things I can totally do! And things I'd never get done if I'd had the job 'clean kitchen' in front of me.

I feel like bit by bit my house is getting clean. It's not always tidy, but when you look at my stove, it's been scrubbed! Inside my fridge is getting spotless! My kitchen sink is nearly always empty now!

The best thing about this checklist is that it has tick boxes. You get to tick off the jobs as you do them. I love ticking boxes, and I hate seeing boxes unticked, which motivates me to get more done. But there's no guilt when some of the jobs are left undone, because you know that job will creep back up in a week or two. I feel so... motivated! I'm on the third week of the calendar. I feel like this one might last.

It's $8 to buy the planner for the year, which comes to about £4 or £5. No biggie. Especially not for how good it's making me feel.

Also making me feel good about my house are the essential oils I purchased ( and have been using in the laundry. My house smells like eucalyptus currently and will probably smell like tea tree when I put the load of nappies up to dry. Mmm. I put some grapefruit in my bath this morning too and that helped wake me right up from my slumber state. I think I'll use a drop in my iron too. I wonder if Scott would be opposed to smelling like ginger at work?

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