Monday, July 09, 2007

Lost Memories

Since having a baby, I've started to remember all sorts of things that I'd completely forgotten about from my own childhood. Nothing important, just things.

Things like:
- the small metal baby spoons that stayed in the cutlery drawer well past our baby years.
- the plastic animal cups with handles. There was an elephant (the handle was the trunk), a crocodile (tail) (I think), and maybe a lion or a tiger or a zebra. Can't remember. But they were cool, and I loved drinking out of them.
- the one lasting threadbare hooded baby towel that we still had around when I was about twelve. When I was younger, I would wear it on my head and pretend it was a cape. Naturally.
- my mom breastfeeding my brother.
-family devotions in my brothers' room.

There are others that I can't think of at the moment but have been popping into my mind periodically since Fifi was born. It's weird to remember my old house we grew up in and remember it as such a kiddie place. My parents' house now is so grown up and adult. It's weird to remember my stylish, independent mother being a, well, mother. Running around ragged, washing plastic cups (there are no plastic cups in her house now), and cross-stitching.

I wonder what kind of memories we'll leave with our children?

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