Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jobs, Books, Stuff My Readers Don't Really Care About

Fifi's sleeping so I have a few minutes to stop by and say hi.


So, what to talk about today... not much of terrible interest is going on just now. Scott is still looking for a part-time job that will work around his full-time job; I'm still going ahead with my business, but I haven't done anything new with it since I last spoke about it. I'm thinking of also starting Music With Mummy (turn off speakers before clicking link, seriously) classes in the area, which would bring in a bit of income.

But job-talk is boring. Let's see. I'm trying to read about five books right now. I checked out The Agony of Deceit: What Some TV Preachers Are Really Teaching and Systematic Theology (the latter of which I do not plan to read, but rather peruse) from the local library, and The Politics of Breastfeeding and Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing from the LLL library. I then also borrowed a book from one of the deacons in the church, Saving Belief: A Discussion of Essentials. I know, light summer reading, eh? I'm halfway through Agony and halfway through Child Spacing at the moment, and a couple of chapters into Saving Belief.

Hmm, I guess to most people, book-talk is as boring as job-talk.

In that case, I've managed to keep my house really clean for the past week. Today, it's a bit of a mess, but only because I haven't done my daily tidying. Once I put away Fifi's toys and a few dishes from breakfast, and after I've washed a couple of frying pans, I can continue to say how clean my house is. It's a lovely, lovely feeling. Thanks, Mum, for helping me clean on Saturday!

Okay... I've gotta head off for my breastfeeding support training course. It doesn't start until 1, but they needed a new place to meet, so I offered the services of our church building, so now I feel responsible for making sure the heating is on, the kettle is boiled and the biscuits are arranged neatly on a plate.

(I am not looking forward to waking a sleeping Fifi though...)

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