Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pulling My Weight

Well, even though Lori started this post every day thing, apparently I need to do some of it too.

I'm a bit rusty at this whole blogging thing, so I'll go with the tried and tested list method.

1) Work is mind-numbingly boring. I've been given a promotion recently, so I'm now a supervisor of sorts, which brings with it a much less interesting job and a good degree more money, which is much appreciated with a nipper en route. Office work really isn't good for a man, I need a real job. Like a miner, fireman, or something. The kind of job our dads had.

2) Having the cats back is nice. They've matured a lot since they left a few months back, and are less prone to annihilating our mail every day. This is wonderful. Also, they like to play more now, so I get to play-fight with them more, which is the best bit about having cats.

3) Pete (my brother) has moved to the States, and I miss him. Call soon, man.

4) Ahhhh, I'm done.

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