Friday, November 24, 2006

Call the Police!

Our neighbours are building an extension to their house right now so during the day we try to keep our car out of the drive so it doesn't get damaged by the construction. We're usually both at work so it's no big deal, but since I am off today, Scott reminded me to move the car before the builders started working. So after I got up and dressed this morning, I headed outside to move the car.

As I walked out my front door, I noticed an unfamiliar old silver car sitting on our street with two very suspicious-looking characters hanging out inside with the windows open, smoking.

I briefly considered locking my door but realised that might be a bit extreme considering I was only moving the car a few feet. I was aware of them watching me. I quickly got in the car, moved it and got back out (locking it, you can be sure). I went back inside and locked the door. I peered through the window to see them still sitting there, looking at my house.

I started thinking of what to do. They looked like total junkies up to no good. I checked the clock so I could record how long I'd noticed them there. I decided if they were still there in half an hour, I might need to call the police. I'd tell the police that I'm home alone and pregnant and really nervous about these junkies sitting outside my house peering at me.

I decided to call Scott, you know, to let him know I might not be safe.

He had to call me back so I waited. When he did call back, I told him:

"Scott, I'm just telling you this so you know, but there are a couple of junkies hanging out outside the house in a car, smoking or something, and they're making me really nervous. If they're still there in half an hour, I'm going to be really worried."

"Where are they? Outside by our car?"

"Yes. Right by our car. They're really suspicious and look like junkies."

"Are you sure they aren't the builders?"


"Well, do the builders look like pure junkies?"

"I don't know. Go around back and ask the neighbours if they are the builders. I gotta go."

This did not make me feel any better. I put down the phone and started gathering courage to go out back and knock on the neighbours door. But before I could get too far, I heard voices outside my window.

I peered out, unnoticeably, I hoped, and saw the "junkies" putting on construction coats and get out their shovels.

It just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover.

(I still maintain they might be junkies, just high functioning ones...)

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