Saturday, September 30, 2006

So Many Annoying Things.

It is 2am.

I'm awake.

I was sleeping fine until some raging heartburn decided to wake me up. Just this evening I was telling Scott's auntie that I've been lucky (no, I even used the Christianese version of the word, 'blessed') not to have had any heartburn so far in this pregnancy, at least not any that has bothered me. Then the 1am reflux reared its ugly head.

Scott brought me some dry biscuits, but they've only helped minimally. I tried to go back to sleep, but once I'm awake, all these thoughts hit me. I realised I still needed to sign a contract for my independent midwife with Scott as my witness. I wasn't sure where it was, and I meet with Allison again on Monday, so I trudged down the stairs to look for it. I found it, signed it and started to head back up the stairs when my buttbone flared up again.

Yes, my buttbone.

Since the start of the second trimester, I started noticing a pain in the right side of my ass. It's gradually getting worse. Now, it's nearly constant, flaring up when I either stand up, recross my legs or stand on one foot (which we all do fairly often - hello, pulling on underwear). I've not said anything much about it, besides complaining when it hurts, but now that it's gotten so annoying (and painful) I'm glad I see Allison tomorrow because I'm gonna bring it up. It's sort of like the cross between a bruised tailbone - on the right side - and a leg cramp in my butt - on the right side. It's a pain in the ass - ha, no pun intended. (Though it works pretty well as a pun, doesn't it!)

So now, I've got heartburn and butt pain, and I'm sitting up at what is now 2.07 in my rocking chair looking up 'bone pain in pregnancy'. And it has added to my suspician that this might be an early sign of SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction). I bet doctors just LOVE the internet - patients can diagnose themselves! Takes all the work out of medical examination, this clever internet thing.

But no really, 'unfortunately, since the pelvis is a ring, if it opens here, it must pinch there. The sacroiliac joints in your lower back to either side of the midline can hurt when this pubic bone separation happens'. So there you have it.

Anyway, this sucks because I've got church in just a few hours (ok, 8 and a half), and I'd really like some sleep. But until this acid in my esophogus chills out, I don't see that happening any time soon.

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