Monday, September 18, 2006

Dear Scott,

Five years ago, you were a tiresome seventeen year old boy and I was a bossy nineteen year old TMI leader, and we had nothing in common. But God had a plan that we knew nothing about. He put it into motion that rainy summer in 2001.

Three years ago, you were an easy-going, fun-loving and cute nineteen year old with a growing interest in God and a seriousness of mind unusual for your age. I enjoyed spending time with you and knew I'd found a friend worth keeping. We had much in common, and I couldn't stop thinking about you. My affection for you grew quickly, and I was so pleased to realise you cared about me too.

Two and a half years ago, you told me you loved me for the first time. It was awkward for you, and you didn't know how I'd respond. I was worried, because I loved you too but didn't know how much you meant by that. You clarified it for me on that beautiful walk through the wooded path that you loved me properly - and wanted to marry me. Later you gave me a ring to seal the deal as we walked together alone by the river. You jumbled up your words, but your speech couldn't have been more perfect.

Two years ago today, you stood at the front of the church and waited for me. I walked down the aisle with my daddy, feeling the happiest I'd ever felt, my glowing eyes glued to you. You promised to love me and cherish me until death parted us. I promised you I'd love you the same. We were there joined as one forever.

One year ago, we celebrated our first anniversary. We'd endured loud arguments and personality clashes, hurt feelings and bad communication, with lots of laughter, moments of tenderness and a huge helping of God's grace. I'd never known how happy I could be.

Five months ago, our baby was formed in my body. Life took on a deeper dimension for us. Joy like we'd never experienced crept into our marriage and continues to grow, to an extent I imagine we will never fully realise. I'm so happy that you are the person I get to share this journey with. There is no one in the world who'd make a better father to our soon-to-arrive child. There is no one in the world who'd make a better husband for me.

Today, we celebrate two unbelievable years of marriage. We expect many, many more, but if God were to take one of us home sooner than we imagine, I will be thankful just for the time we've had together. You've done your best to make each day of our lives together meaningful, and I've loved you each day, even the ones filled with yelling, crying and hurtful words. Not one day have I wished you out of my life. You have shown me wonderful and horrible things about myself; for this, I cannot thank you enough. You've made me feel beautiful. You've made me feel interesting. You've made me feel like someone special.

Little did I know as my dad walked me down the aisle that two years later I'd be happier than I was at that moment, day after day after day.

I am more in love with you than I knew possible. As the years pass by, I'll love you more and more. With God's loving grace pouring into our lives, I can say that with confidence. May I always love you even more than I do today.

your wife x

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