Friday, September 15, 2006

Another List

I know, I know, boring boring boring, but hey.

1. I really truly was gonna do this whole serious post entitled 'May You Be Covered in the Dust of Your Rabbi' about the most interesting Biblical history I learned this week, but a) I don't really have much to say on it other than just sharing it with you and b) I'm totally tired and can't think. So maybe soon, because really, it's totally interesting what I learned.

2. I finished the magazine at work. It feels great. But it's not really finished because once the proof comes back, it'll be change change edit change, and that'll suck. But it's done for now...ish.

3. My. Back. Is. So. Sore.

4. We bought The Weather Man tonight on DVD. I really wanted another season of Scrubs, but we couldn't find it anywhere (anywhere being Tesco and Blockbuster). So we'll watch that tonight instead. Which is fine 'cause we like this movie.

5. I'm making chilli for dinner. Scrum-diddly-upmscious.

6. Schmooker is an absolute acrobat. I can feel the wee sprog all day long. It's nice, but it also makes me a little seasick.

7. Yesterday I left work a teeny bit early because my. back. was. so. sore. I intended to come home, take a hot bath and then nap. Instead? I rearranged the furniture in my bedroom. And cleaned. It's probably the cleanest it's ever been, and for the longest amount of time. But now that my bed faces the window (kinda), I am disgustingly aware of mildew growing on the window pane. I know what I'll be doing this weekend.

8. We bought a chest of drawers for the baby room. It's half built at this point. We'll try to finish it tonight. Lynda at work has given me TONNES [time to start spelling that like a Brit] of babygros and vests and cardigans and socks and scratch mittens and bibs and muslin squares and OH MY GOODNESS THE BABY STUFF IS COMING OUT MY EARS. So I want to try to put everything away in drawers. [PLEASE NOTE: I am in positively NO way complaining about all the free baby stuff. It's great! I can waste spend all my hard-earned money on frilly dresses or boring cute boy shirts instead!]

9. Our 20 week scan is a week Monday. I hope Schmooker gives us a proper flash so we can determine his/her sex. Oh and this coming Monday? Scott and I will be two years married. More on that to come, yes.

10. Next week I intend to approach my boss about the possibility of working from home after Schmooker arrives. I'd appreciate any prayers you feel inclined to pray on my behalf. The fact is, I can't just stop working because we need the money. But not in a 'Oh No, I Won't Be Able To Afford A New Handbag' sort of way but a 'Oh No, Our Electricity Has Been Turned Off But What Does It Matter Now That We're Getting Evicted?' sort of way. So I'm desperately hoping my boss will be open to the idea. Basically, in terms of working and being a mum, I break it down like this (and dudes, NOTE: This is how I break it down FOR ME. FOR ME, not anyone else, so please don't get all hate on me):
In order of baddest to goodest-
Being a
-Work Away From Home Mum
-Work From Home Mum
-Stay At Home Mum

Basically, working away from home would be hellish torture and staying at home and just being Mummy would be all my maternal heart has ever wanted. But I'll happily compromise with the middle one. So I'm hoping and praying my boss will consider the option.

The End.

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