Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Marvelous Marv

Due to my lack of interesting posts, I am hereby quoting a story told by my friend Brandon, without his express permission, under the unverifiable assumption that he will refrain from bringing my illegal behaviour unto justice by the Law.

Formerly known as Marv Higgenbottom, Marvelous was and is an office employee in JBHunt's driver hiring department. Marv did and does answer the phone, saying "JBHunt, where safety comes first, this is Marvelous Marv - how can I help you today?". Despite his positive attitude, and the positive results that it produced, as Marv's driver hiring record was and is among the best in the department, Marv was told that the way he answered the phone was unprofessional, and that he needed to simply give his real name when answering calls, and cut the extraneous adjectives. Rather than letting the man get him down, Marv had his name legally changed to Marvelous.

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