Sunday, March 13, 2005

Stuff Parents Like to Read About When Their Children Live Across the Sea

Adopting the Benj format:

I haven't been in the mood to post lately. I've been dead tired. But I assume some of you will be wondering how the ole job interviews have gone so I'll give you a brief update to whet your ravenous appetite for news.

1. The interview at Glasgow High went very well! I was pleased with it and feel confident that if I don't get the job, it is because God had that job picked out for someone else and another job picked out for me, and it is not because I didn't give a good interview. However, having said that, I want the job more than ever after visiting the school and meeting some of the staff and learning more about it through the interview. So we'll see.

I also met with a recruiting agency on Wednesday, and they have arranged an interview for me at a law firm for tomorrow. I'm nervous about this one simply because I have less of an idea of how to ace the interview. I was able to learn loads about the school, but I only have a website regarding the law firm, and you can only learn so much from a website like that. So, we'll see how that goes tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

2. Rick Warren spoke at church today. Via video. He was mostly ok, aside from his "God does not break your will..." mumbo. Heh. God's broken my will on more than a few occasions. I should write Rick a letter about it to correct his theology. (After all, personal experience is the best form of theology, right?)

3. Scott and I rented Saved! this weekend. Saved! caused quite a raucous among the Christian scene when it came out last year so Scott and I were eager to see what all the fuss was about. It was sort of funny, I suppose, though totally over the top. (Christians even in the South aren't really that ballistic.) But I think the movie just made me sad. Not because some Hollywood film maker was poking fun at Christians, becaues that I can handle--and if it's funny, I can laugh. But it saddened me because what happened in the film all too often happens in churches and Christian circles. People lose their faith because of hypocrisy all the time. It made me despise hypocrisy more than I already do, and it made me despise hypocrisy in myself more. I am going to be even more conscious about how I portray Christ in my life and make more effort to not be a hypocrite.

And the whole pastor having an affair with the mom and it being portrayed as acceptable really pissed me off, let's be honest here. I hate adultery. Ooh, and I hate universalism and relativism as well.

4. I'm adding a new book to the Books to Burn list. The Message Bible[sic]. *Shudder.

EDIT: What the hell is J.I. Packer doing endorsing this crap?!

5. My husband is in a band. I hope this one is better than the previous one he loves it and has loads of fun.

He and I are gonna start a band, too. I'm gonna play synth. I'm already an expert at "Mary Had a Little Lamb", and I learned how to play "Joy to the World", "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", and "Silent Night" all by myself in one night. And I can play all four songs with really weird effects. I must be a musical prodigy. At least that's what my mommy tells me.

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