Sunday, December 19, 2004

Officially An Adult

My adulthood cannot be denied by anyone from this day forward. Not only am I 21, but I have a wife, a job, a car and a baby on the way.

HAHA. Psyche.

Interpol was absolutely marvellous. The supporting band, Secret Machines, were sucky. Which is a shame, last time they had an amazing support. Also, it was a much less personal gig this time, without exaggeration, it was 10 times bigger. But they were good, and I sang my throat sore.

We left before they came back for the encore, though, since all they had left to play was tracks from the new album, which I don't have and wasn't too bothered about. So we missed the leaving rush.

Today we opened our Christmas presents from Lynda, Lori's mum. Yes, mum. I got some rather fetching trousers, a smart shirt/tie/hankerchief combo along with a scarf and hat. Grand. Lori got a leopard skin type set of scarf, gloves, headscarf and bag. She is pleased.

Anyway, it's time for early Christmas dinner, so that Lori can have dinner with her mum, and vice versa. I'm being hurried to get off the computer. Cheerio.

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